At last, a moment to chat with you. Now I know that many people who visit the shop believe that all I do all day is stand in the corner posing in various outfits, but nothing could be further from the truth. You know, there’s more to this vintage and antique selling lark than meets the eye. And that’s exactly where I’m coming from. From where I’m standing I can keep a beady socket on all that transpires, not to mention takes place. I define my role less in the nature of fashion icon or sex symbol as an official observer. After all, there’s an awful lot to see ~ and some of it quite awful. So, mainly because they ~ you know, them, the owners ~ don’t know their blog from their Arsebook, I have graciously accepted the responsibility of presiding over this blog and, instead of insulting your intelligence with a load of old clichés about how wonderful this vintage thing is and that old thing over there is (woops, sorry, that’s the Ancient Mariner ~ a regular ‘browser’ of ours), I’m going to offer you real insight into the wonderful world of vintage. In doing so, I intend to be honest, impartial and non-partisan. Above all, I will tell it as I see it. Who knows, by the time this blogs buggered Eastenders and Big Brother may have been pushed from their number one morality slots in preference for Eastgrovers and Big Boners. “What’s that Madam? No, I’m sorry, it’s just a play on words. We don’t sell that sort of thing, not even vintage. Have you tried the internet?” This is SKELET, Station 109, 1 East Grove, Rushden saying ‘Have I Got a Bone to Pick with You …’
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