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Vintage/Antiques Northamptonshire

Skelet Here: Well, after a cracking introduction (no further references to Arsebook), where can we possibly go from here? I thought that we might contextualise, safely, of course, by commenting on the seemingly meteoric rise in the popularity of vintage compared with the apparent stagnation in the pond of antiques. if you believe what you read […]

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Mick Hart & wife Olga. Slightly out of focus as the evening digressed.


    RUSSIAN VODKA EVENING at STATION 109 VINTAGE NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Many thanks to our friends and regular customers who condescended to attend a special Russian Vodka Evening at Station 109’s Vintage/Antique Emporium. Although most of you couldn’t stay silent for 5 minutes during the Russian National Anthem, you seemed to have no difficulty in consuming […]


VINTAGE IN NORTHAMPTONSHIRE I thought I’d just draw your attention to a pair of trousers that I would like to share with you ~ well, not exactly ‘share’ as such, but impart information about. We’ve just listed a nice pair of vintage (1930s/40s) RAF high-arsed trousers on our website store. I believe the proper terminology for a […]

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Hello There!!

SKELET Here: Just a quick one, I thought I’d share this link with you: It occurs to me that it’s a Great time to be Vegetarian. Just think of all those carnivores out there eating their sausages whilst wearing a pair of spurs … silly burgers. Don’t Have Nightmares! Must trot!      

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Teutonic fort, Kaliningrad. Today, the Amber Museum & Restaurant.


  The following photographs were taken during our New Year’s trip to my wife’s home town of Kaliningrad, the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. From 1871, it was the capital of East Prussia and Germany’s largest city in the East. In 1944, and during the siege of 1945, Allied bombing destroyed large swathes of the city, and it was […]

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At last, a moment to chat with you. Now I know that many people who visit the shop believe that all I do all day is stand in the corner posing in various outfits, but nothing could be further from the truth. You know, there’s more to this vintage and antique selling lark than meets […]

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Hello There!!

 SKELET Here: I’ll get round to saying something when they give me the opportunity to do so. All you need to know at present is that I’m the one with the brains?

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