The 92nd Bomb Group

The 92nd Bomb Group post war organization, like other WWII veterans’ organizations, is now experiencing the intent of the time machine. At the Norfolk 98 Reunion, we initiated steps by mail ballot to amend the bylaws, initiate charter amendments, approve the organization name change and other supporting changes, as elements of the effort to ensure the continuation of “the 92nd.” We are now able to focus on these lynch pins to ensure that the common denominator among us, “the 92nd,” will maintain its unparalleled legacy of war and peace time military aviation accomplishments for many years to come.





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UK Radio Station


The UK’s 1940s Radio Station

 The UK’s 1940s Radio Station recreates the sounds of the 1940s as heard in England and from America. We are proud to have  been the first UK based internet radio station to provide the level of original archive broadcast programmes  along with our home produced music, news and documentaries programmes. We welcome stories handed down or experienced first hand of life through the 1940s from all countries.



















Empire Radio

Empire Radio provides music for events depicting the 1920s, 1930s and wartime period. For ’39 – ’45, a balanced approach is taken to all types of dancing that would have been seen during the period. This covers music from both sides of the Atlantic, from Waltz and Foxtrot to novelty dance and Swing. It is a strict rule for Empire Radio that no music produced after VJ Day, 15th August 1945, is played.

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Ashby Big Band

Firmly established as “the most entertaining band in the Midlands” and one of the busiest Big Bands on the 1940s scene. Specialising in Hangar Dances, Glenn Miller Tributes and Swing When You’re Winning type parties. Available as a full 16 piece big band or 8 piece little big band check out their website and Youtube performances. email for more details.

Telstar Big Band

Whatever you’re planning you can be sure that with TELSTAR it will be an event to remember – for all the right reasons. 1940s dances, concerts, weddings and parties. Telstar tailor their performance and size of band to suite most vintage occasions and  budgets. Check out their website and Youtube performances. email

Regency Dance Band

The Original Regency Dance Band (and still the best) aim to take you back in time when social dances were the order of the day. A six piece ensemble of Double Bass, Piano, Drums, Clarinet, Saxophone and Trumpet. Playing instantly reconisable tunes from the first half of the 20th Century for Quickstep, Foxtrot, Waltz, Jive, Tango, Barn Dance, Tango etc. Check out their wedsite for contact details.

Tea Dance Band

A classic 1940s ensemble recalling the days of Spitfires, the Blitz and Glenn Miller – as seen at many a 1940 re-enactment event.  Perfect for 30s, 40s or 50s themed events, garden parties and weddings for a 1940s Tea Dance feel.  It’s even more fun when they announce each dance style (waltz, barn dance, jive, foxtrot, quickstep,  etc). Available with  5- 8  musicians, the line-up features Saxophone, Trumpet, piano, drums and bass. Additional Saxophone, Brass and Vocalist are available to give the band a “Little Big Band” feel.  For events where budget is an issue they can cut the line-up  down to a trio of Sax, Trumpet and Piano. Check out their website for contact details.