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1930s/40s High-Waisted RAF Trousers V-Cut Buttons for Braces


Excellent pair of vintage RAF Dress Trousers, high-waisted with a V-cut (fish tail) back, buttons for braces and button fly. There are no labels, so we suspect that these are bespoke. The buttons bear the name of a once famous military tailors, ‘Conway Williams 48 Brook Street W1’. The Conway Williams name actually appeared on military dress swords as well as clothes! (See

No need, therefore, to procrastinate on the style, cut and quality of the tailoring. One distinguishing feature, however, is the inclusion of leather straps and buckles at the lower end of the legs, which would suggest that the trousers could be worn with officer’s high boots. Two or three moth holes exist, which, given the colour of the trousers, could be fixed quite easily.

Approximate measurements with the trousers laid flat:

Waistband (remember these are high waisted): 18 ½ inches

Inside leg: 32 inches

Outside seam (high waistband to ankle hem): 44 inches

Class ‘A’ pair of vintage RAF trousers for dapper chaps, re-enactors, theatrical productions, murder mystery weekends, themed parties etc ….

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