1960’s German Bundeswehr hard-shell padded panzer beret


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German Bundeswehr hard-shell padded panzer beret

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1960’s German Bundeswehr hard-shell padded panzer beret

Rare item for sale here from Station 109 Vintage & Militarai: a hard-shell wool-covered beret-style Bundeswehr tanker’s helmet.

This particular example dates to the Cold War (January 1963) and evolved from the hard-cork WWII black-berets which were worn by the Panzerkorps. Structurally and, to a certain extent, cosmetically the later versions differ little from their wartime predecessors. Indeed, the leather rim and interior bear a marked similarity, the obvious exception being in the colour of the wool exterior which, as illustrated in the photographs here, was olive drab.

German Bundeswehr hard-shell padded panzer beret

Other features of this unusual military headgear include two olive-drab tone grommets (air vents) on the left side; a black, hard rubber rim; a grey leather sweatband; an olive drab crown liner; and, beneath the liner, an orange rubber material.

The condition of this rare piece is good for its vintage years. There is a small tear in the sweatband and the white silk bow has pulled loose. There is also signs that the under rubber liner has degraded a little ~ apparently, this is an inescapable consequence of the ageing process with this particular material. The hat retain sits full rigidity and shape and the olive drab wool cover is in very fine vintage condition.

The original label is in situ on the inside, dated January 1963. The size is a 55.

This type of tanker’s beret continued to be used until the end of the 70s.

A nice and not-often-seen example of German Cold War militaria.

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