Antique Victorian Reclaimed Pine Corner Cupboard SOLD!!


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Antique Victorian Reclaimed Pine Corner Cupboard Cabinet Tall Rustic Doors

Antique Victorian Reclaimed Pine Corner Cupboard

Price £65; Collection in Person Only


For sale, a lovely, old, freestanding corner cupboard saved during the demolition of an old farmhouse. It dates to the Victorian era, and possesses genuine age-old rustic charm. The shelved superstructure is most probably pine based, but still retains its white-painted exterior; the backboards are hand-cut and shaped planks, hewn, perhaps, from oak. The cabinet comprises an upper and lower section, both of which were originally enclosed by doors. The upper cabinet is a four shelving unit and the lower has two shelves.

Antique Victorian Reclaimed Pine Corner Cupboard

The original cabinet doors, of which there are two sets ~ one for the upper and one for the lower sections, have been reclaimed, stripped back to the Victorian pine. Both appear to have the original bolts, handles, escutcheons etc.

In spite of its reverent age, the cabinet is strong and sturdy, but please observe the following: the very bottom shelf which has been in contact with the ground is separating at the base and will need to be repaired, or replaced, as deemed necessary. At some time in its venerable career, someone has doctored this with filler, and this has now begun to shift with time and movement. One back plank at this level is also damaged. Given its age and use, please expect other character-donating scuffs and knocks to preside here and there ~ this corner unit is not a reproduction!

In addition to the doors, the cupboard also comes with its side mouldings, which could be re-used or replaced.

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 2.11m (6.9ft)

Width: 1.16m (3ft 9 ½ ins)

Depth: 53.34cm (21ins)

A wonderful, original, Victorian freestanding corner cabinet endowed with the kind of charm and interest that only time can bestow, which would fit perfectly into a farmhouse, country-cottage restoration or as a statement piece in a more modern setting.

Thanks for your interest. Any questions, please ask.

 *Price: £65

Cash on Collection Please; email: to reserve this item


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