Original 1940s’ Ladies’ Shoes by Lilly & Skinner Ltd, London (SOLD!)


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Original 1940s’ Ladies’ Shoes by Lilly & Skinner Ltd, London

No doubting the authenticity of these vintage 1940s’ shoes, which bear the name of Lilley & Skinner Ltd, London, in gold-leaf script on the inside.

As strong and sturdy today as when they were made, these practical shoes reflect wartime austerity Britain. The colour of the brushed exterior is a little darker than represented in the photographs, a shade of burgundy. The upper section where the laces thread are finished in a triple-stitched and shaped green leather an embellishment which is repeated in the leather band that runs around the bottom edge of the shoe. The laces are original to the shoe and in a matching colour. The soles and heels are made of wood and 4 rubber Blakey cushions have been nailed  into each shoe to protect the sole and heel ~ the plan worked, as the soles are in remarkably good condition for their age ~ as are the shoes in general!

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These shoes are the real deal, and would make a worthy addition to any 1940s’ clothes/fashion collection. If you are going to wear them, treat them with the respect they deserve!


There are a series of figures on the inside of the shoes but we do not think that these relate to the size. The following measurements are careful approximations taken on the outside of the shoe:

Length from heel to toe: 9 1/2ins (24.5cm)

Width across widest point: 3 1/4ins (8.3cm)

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