WWII Aircraft Seat Polebrook Aerodrome


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WWII Aircraft Seat Polebrook Aerodrome

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WWII Aircraft Seat

WWII Aircraft Seat Polebrook Airfield

For sale, a seat which was acquired after the Second World War from Polebrook Aerodrome, Northamptonshire.

The seat measures approximately 21 x 14 ½ x 16 inches (53.5 x 37 x 40.5cm) and has a lightweight aluminium or magnesium alloy framework. The cover is a khaki-coloured canvas and the interior of the seat comprises horse hair and hessian. The cover of the seat is fastened tight at the base using cord which is criss-crossed through metal grommets.

WWII Aircraft Seat Polebrook Aerodrome

A number of discussions with various people ‘in the know’ has brought us to the conclusion that nobody knows conclusively which aircraft this seat belongs to!

There is a small identification plate (see photograph) on one of the side struts, but, so far, this has failed to provide us with a positive identification. However, an almost identical metal plate, but not identical seat, appears on a website devoted to aircraft parts. The metal plate illustrated on this website is attached to an original radio operator/flight engineers chair from a Halifax bomber.

The plate on our chair is difficult to read in places, but it refers to the ‘Part Number … Issue Number …. [and] … Serial Number.

This is what we can make out:

Part No: 27H/1X977

Issue No: LAR

Serial No: 42 (114210 ?)

The seat is not in pristine condition and there is some wear and tear to the cushioning, but it is structurally sound.

Collection by purchaser please and cash on collection. To reserve, please email us on skelets@btinternet.com

Any questions, please ask (skelets@btinternet.com)

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