WWII British Mark 1 ARP Warden’s Helmet 1938 Dated


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WWII British Mark 1 ARP Warden’s Helmet 1938 Dated

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A 1938-dated WWII British Warden’s helmet identifiable by the letter ‘W’ at the front. Manufacturer’s marks on the inside rim of the helmet are J. S. S. (Joseph Sankey & Sons Ltd Bilston). The last figure of the date is difficult to read, but it appears to be ‘1938’. This would correspond with the date on the liner, the exact markings being ‘VER’ above an ‘I’ and then the date ‘1938’.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘Tommy’ or ‘Brodie’ helmet, this example is in pretty good condition for its age. The black paint has worn, but the shell is still solid without any dings.

ARP Warden’s Helmet 1938 Dated

The liner is a little stiff but still strong and functional, and the chin strap is the MK1 elasticated version.

A nice one for the collector and a functional addition to the re-enactor’s ‘wardrobe’.

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